40 thoughts on “Use these website links to describe what Ernest Shackleton saw when he arrived in Antarctica

  1. Antarctica is nearly double the size of Australia and is the coldest place on earth!

  2. Did you know that people don’t live there because it is to COLD !!!!

  3. Animals that live in antarctica pengins wales seals albtrosseswith the wingspan of 2.9-3-3-3m!that bigger.

  4. Did you know that the only animals that live in the South Pole is a paingwin , wales, albatross , sea birds, krill

  5. Animals that live in Antarctica: penguins , whales , seals and albatrosses with the wingspan of 2.9-3 -3.3m! That’s bigger than an adult!!

  6. Food and shelter

    The food in Antarctica is meat. And the only shelter is an emugency one

  7. Antartica is considered a desert because it doesn’t rain often and is the driest place on earth!

  8. Animals:
    Colossal squid
    South polar skua
    Antarctic krill
    Antarctic toothfish
    Emperor penguin

  9. Food and shelter is only used if there scientists staying there for a couple of days like tents are used

  10. Five species of penguin breed in the South Pole. The Adelie, Chinstrap, Empror, Gentoo, and Macaroni.

    The seals there include the crabeater seal, arctic fur seal, leopard seal, Ross seal, southern elephant seals and Wendell seals.

    They took 69 dogs on the journey to Antarctica
    There was 27 people
    They took 5 tents
    12 buckets
    6 glass bottles 16 ropes
    1 bike
    3 boats

  12. Because there is little rain in Antarctica it is named as a desert.

  13. Antarctica is bigger than Europe and twice the size of Australia.

  14. The South Pole will be in Antarctica which Ernest Shackleton didn’t find.

  15. Did you know killer whale hunt in pods or groups in a way similer to wolves.

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