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  1. They eat : seabirds squid octopus sea turtles sharks rays fish marinmammals seals and dugongs

  2. They live primarily where the water is cold but can live anywhere from the polar regions right up to the equator.

  3. Orcas can be found anywhere from the polar regions to the equator.

  4. Did you now Orcas are one of the largest predators in the ocean and male orcas can grow to 9.5(32’feet) in length.

  5. People believe that there is only 7 orcas left in the world.

  6. Orcas are apex predoters and are at the top of the food chain. The only harm to them is us. Ahmad

  7. Did you know a pod of whales will join forces to suroond a larger animal such as a blue whale?


    Name: Orcinus orca
    Class: Delphinidae
    Order: Mammalia
    Size: Male= 9.5m (32 feet) Female= 8 metres (23 feet)
    Life span: 50-90 years
    Top speed: 48 kilometres per hour
    Weight: 9,000 kg

  9. Orca wales find a safe place to lay the eggs to not lose them.

  10. Facts about KILLER wale

    Did you know that oacer wales can live up to 50-90 years old. And you can find them in South Africa and North Africa Afca Europe and asha habitat ocion diet carnivor. Life sponde.

  11. Orcas are one of the largest predators in the ocean and male orcas can grow to 9.5m (32 feet) in length. (Some people call an orca a killer whale because of it’s sharp teeth and it’s pointy fin.)

  12. Killer whales have sleek black backs and bright white bellies and eye patches

  13. Orca whales are the size upto 9ft and 24 ft tall which I find very allerming

  14. Male orcas can reach up to 9.5 metres(32 feet) in length

  15. The orca has a white on his eye and it’s a size as a mamoth

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