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  1. Antarctica is located in the South Pole and is sourrounded by the southern ocean .Over 98%of Antarctica is covered by ice.It is the duest and is the coldest place on earth.Antarctica is the fifth largest continent based on size,but it is the sincullest in population with an official population of 0(although some people do visit for scientific resident some animals do manage to survive in the cold and dry of Antarctica .These animals include penguins,seals,and the snow patrol,(a bird).antarctica has no countries and no pet Tricky and owned by any country

  2. The first one to actually visit the North Pole was Roald Amundsen and umberto nobile. Umberto nobile flew over the pole in an airship named the Norge 1926

  3. I learnt that there is as much ice on Antarctica as there is water in the Atlantic Ocean. Also the lowest recorded temperature in history was -128 F in Antarctica!

  4. Did you know that when you stand on the North Pole any direction you point is South!

  5. In the North Pole,I found out the sun rises in march and sets in seprember.

  6. There ,the temperature can drop to freezing 31 below zero.

  7. The South Pole is the windiest place on earth,
    Because it never rains it is considered the biggest desert in the world!!!

  8. The North Pole is a desert because it never rains.
    In the North Pole wherever you point is south.

  9. In the south pole there is penguin about 70 cm and with the wate of 40kg!

    • Why don’t polar bears eat penguins?
      Because they’re poles apart…

      Polar bears live at the North Pole …
      Penguins at the south.

  10. The North Pole is the biggest pole ever and it is Riley cold there.

    The soth pole has ice on the water.

  11. I think that the North Pole is the most awesome place in the world

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