27 thoughts on “Meet the poet Rachel Rooney!!

  1. I think this poem is interesting. I like it because it has amazing words.

  2. She lives in London. She was a special need teacher. She had three children and her poems trained chrildren to not be scared of there fears. I enjoyed her poems.

  3. Rachael Rooney first book was called A Patch of Black it helps small children overcome their fear of the dark.

  4. When she reads her poems she uses lots of expression and love.

  5. I like her because she encourages children to write creative work.

  6. I like the fact that she expresses her voice in poems.

  7. I enjoy her poems because they are very emotional and interesting

  8. I like the way she reads her poems and the volume in her voice because she has expression and love in her voice

  9. I like the fact that she expresses her voice in poems

  10. We really like her poems she won the 2012 cope our favourite poem is the language of the cat.

  11. I like how she helps children overcome there fear of the dark whith her bedtime story’s.

  12. Did You Know That Rachel Rooney Was Born In London And Now Lives In East Brighton,Sussex!!!!! –

  13. I like that she made children not afraid of the dark.

  14. She was born in London.she lives in brighten she is ca teacher and reads books to her children her first book was a patch of black she made a language of cat and was born in the late 1900s

  15. Rachel rooney was born in London.
    She was a primary teacher.
    Her and her huband live now in brigton east sussex.
    She trained for many years.
    She worked for children with speisial needs.

  16. This comment is about Rachel Rooney the poet:We liked the tone and expression in her voice.We were amazed that her poems made children not be afraid of the dark! Her first rhyming picture book was called “A patch of black”. We didn’t believe this at first but she was born into a family of 6 (including her) in the outskirts of London. When she was around the age of 25-30 she started to train as a teacher as her dream job.

  17. I loved her poem because she puts a lot of effort into it and its very enjoyable to listen to.

  18. She is the fifth or sixth child.She was born in London .She lives in Brighton,East Sussex. She has 3 son.

  19. Rachel Rooney’s first poetry was the language of the cat

  20. She was born in London and she was fifth of six children and now lives East Sussex
    Her poems are really nice
    She could make it rhyme a bit more

  21. She use to live in London Brington East Sussex.She use to train as a teacher for special children in needs!My favourite one is the language of cat and hometime these are Harley’s favourite too.Me and Harley think she should write more cat books

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