Mayan hot chocolate

Last week, on Friday starlings class were learning about Mayan hot chocolate. We learnt that the Mayans were the first ones to discover chocolate. We made two different types of hot chocolate then we drank it. We thought that it tasted a little bit strange. Nowadays people don’t know what it originally tasted like.

In one chocolate In the other one we had;
we had ; Milk; Blog written by Kaid and Kaydee
cinnamon, and grated chocolate.
hot chocolate,
and milk.

A new arrival in our class…

This week has been very exciting for Starlings because we had a new helper and she is called miss Bryant. She  is an excellent   role model to our class.For the last couple of days she has been extremely helpful  to us.We played games with her.For two days she has been kind,helpful and generous lady.